Bitta Rest


Management program and retail touch screen. Suitable for catering and hotel industry

The software has all the characteristic features of catering industry, with the possibility to design the spaces, keypads or icons. Despite its power is a user-friendly tool.

    • Possibility of various delegations and multirate

    • Multi storehouse

    • Multi charge (cash, card, ticket restaurant, etc.)


    • Display of the table status: balance, diners, etc.

    • Possibility to enter barcode articles

    • Automatic routing of printers

    • Preparation orders (starters, main course, desserts)


      • Variations (rare, done. etc.)

      • Direct comments to the kitchen (main courses ready, etc.)

      • Automatic charges (price per person, etc.)

      • Different ways of  cash box closing


    • Control of the waiter fees

    • Table reservations (Controlled by day, time, table, customer data, user, etc.)

    • Cancellation and deletion report

    • Real-time stock control, purchasing and inventory

    • Screen and product areas designer


    • Possibility to customize different application keypads 


      • Automatic Backup

      • Possibility to work locally if a multi-site terminal loses the communication with the main server

      • Automatic requests to kitchen and bar 

      • Products sampling

      • Customers request from their own table with a remote control system via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth

Depending on the configuration, there are different modules: restaurants, bars, pubs and nightclubs, bakeries, fast food and pizza.