Main Services

  • Management, consulting and edition of large databases
  • Switchboards  (hospitality sectors, activities, spaces)
  • ERP, invoicing and accounts
  • Planning and time management
  • Control of staff timetable
  • Sales Terminal
  • Customer Management
  • Virtual office tools and services
  • Multiple languages, security, intuitive

Web programming

Programming techniques knowledge such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP or ASP

We develop all kind of web applications using the APIs and Web Services necessaries.

Costumized applications development

Programming and ERP application development

We have a good knowledge of the current programming techniques (C#, VB, SQL, Java, Android). The customized programming can evolve as well as your company evolves. A customized application can be improved, while the functions of a standard application are restricted.


As a result of being a costumized tool it can evolve while the company evolves.

3 Confidentiality

If we know the software used by the competition, we know how it manages the company. How you manage you business, however, will be confidential because no one else will know how the application works.


Once implemented the customized application, it can be improved to speed up management processes. In a standard application it is not possible.


In the future you can computerize new facets of the company. With a standard application the features are given from the beginning.

Website and Internet presence: Web services

Electronic Commerce / Social Network Management

We develop projects that allow the system of buying and selling products on the internet as well as the management of the different social networks.

From €200.

Self-managing web projects

The web pages or mobile apps that we develop are fully self-managed, including fixed and common text.

From 300€.