What minimum requirements do I need to install BittaRest?

To install BittaRest ypu need Windows XP as a minimum requirement, Frmawork 2.00. 2 GB of RAM, 2.1 GHz processor and 1Gb HHDD.

Can I draw the shape of my establishment at BittaRest?

You can design all the area, even put a plan in the background of every part of the room or area. You may also design the tables and the states of that ones.

Can I control different restaurants in different locations with BittaRest?

Yes, the restaurants can be in different countries, and also in different languages ​​each establishment (currently Espanish, Catalan, Portuguese, English and Chinese).

What main advantage offeres me BittaSoftware when I buy my cleaning management program?

The main advantage is that you buy the program for a reduced price and in monthly fees, as well as a maintenance services customized for your company by Bitta Software.

Besides the price, what other benefits will I have?

You can have an integrated control of the costs of each contract you entered. You can also have a supervisory control, control workers hours, etc.

How can I contact you for any other question?

Through the contact form on that website or by calling us at (+00 34) 93 340 20 99.