Bitta Limp

Cleaning and maintenance companies management

It allows you to create a budget from the receiving of any form of budget request, including the reception by telephone. It also allows service contracts, workers assignment, schedules by center, detailed costs control, employment contracts, payrolls, social insurance, billing, purchasing, warehousing, inventory and accounting, charges and payments. In addition to the supervision or quality control of each service.

*If you want to download the manual operation (in spanish) click below: Manual BittaLimp

Strength, agility and capacity

No matter the number of transactions that the company make​​. The design of the application allows data entry, monitoring and information extraction simultaneously without collapsing the system.

Service Contracts

The program has multiple possibilities of temporality, billing and bundling, IPC price increases and base sequence customer / center / contract. You can also include concepts that affects directly the stocks control.

  • Types of contract


    • Acceptance dates, admissios, etc.

    • IPC increase control

    • Billins gorups


    • Service Hours

    • Daily, weekly frequencies, etc.


    • Workers  assignment

    • Billing Periods (monthly, bimonthly, quarterly, etc.)

    • Amount to bill

    • Delegation, supervisor and economic sector

    • Method of payment

    • Bill text description

    • Billing series

    • Working reports

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